You spent hours writing and proofing the perfect blog post or eNewsletter, and only a minute or two on your headline or subject line.


Eight out of ten people will read a headline BUT only two people will continue on to the content.

So how do you get your readers to move past the headline and on to the content?  Headlines need to grab their attention and hold it. Here are a few pointers to get your words read:

Are your headlines stopping readers in their track?

Are your headlines stopping readers in their track?

  • Keep headlines to under 65 characters.  Anything over that gets cut off from view in search results. 
  • Try to keep headlines and subject lines to six words or less. Why? People like to scan and tend to register only the first word and the last three.  With less to read, you have a better chance of holding their attention
  • Try to reference the reader by using words like "you" or "your"
  • Use numbers. "Top 10", "2 Secrets", "5 Tips" 
  • Use interesting adjectives to draw the reader in and create some excitement

Don't let all your writing efforts go to waste.  Give your headlines some love and your readers will follow.