You've entered your favourite store and are admiring the beautiful green shoes on display. You ask the clerk if they come in size eight...... and she ignores you.  Completely.  

I'm not sure how you'd handle that, but I'd quietly walk out, and not likely return.

Are you letting your customers get away on your social media feeds? 

Each and every comment should be acknowledged in a timely manner.  

In fact - the sooner you reply, the greater the impression you'll make.  A delay of a couple hours is acceptable, but if you wait days or worse - don't reply at all, you're losing customers.  Worse, it's there on your wall, for everyone to see. 

You can't be on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter 24/7, but you can monitor activity on your social media feeds by following these steps:

  • Make sure you have notifications turned on and they're being sent to a current email address. Not sure how? I'd be happy to email you instructions - no charge! :)
  • Use an app on your smartphone. That way, you receive instant notification and can reply on the fly. They're available for iPhone and Android phones for all social media platforms. 
  • Hire a Social Media Manager to monitor your social media platforms while you're away on holiday, overnight or on weekends.  Just having someone reply with "I'll have an answer for you by Monday" creates a much more positive experience for your customers. 

If you don't ignore your customers and clients, they'll stay loyal to you and will recommend you as someone to do business with!