It's more important than ever to have a Facebook Page for your business.

Facebook recently launched Professional Services, a directory that helps Facebook users find THE BEST local businesses and services to fit their needs.

Think, or even Google search...but on Facebook.

Some quick tips to ensure your business shows up:

1) Ensure that your business page is listed under the proper category
2) Complete all fields in your "About" tab
3) Keep your page current with frequent updates
4) Encourage your customers and clients to write a review.

Facebook uses algorithms to determine what shows up in newsfeeds and having Page "Likes" is no guarantee that your business page will be found in searches.

Key factors will likely be based on your location, relative to the person searching. Matching keywords, overall star ratings, date of reviews, timely replies to comments on your page, will all have an impact on your business being listed.

Now is the time to make sure Social Media is part of your marketing plan!