I am a “social listener” on Twitter. I use Tweetdeck to stay current on a variety of topics. Acton Ontario is one.

A few weeks back I saw a conversation happening between a small group of people as they discussed how awful it must be to live in Acton. When I looked at their profiles, they were regular people living in and around Peel Region. I joined the conversation and Tweeted to the group: #ActonOn has a lot going for it! Coffee - my treat - for anyone that wants a tour. ;)

Shortly after I made the Tweet I received a message from one of the people saying “That was a private conversation and you are very rude to just barge in”

Private conversation? On Twitter?? I don’t think so. Unless you’re sending direct messages, all your Tweets are on public display, whether people are following you or not.

So a gentle reminder my friends...don’t Tweet anything that might embarrass you. You never know who might be “listening”.