Hey you...Halton Hills Business Owner. You with the Facebook business page that hasn’t been updated in over a year. I sent you a private message and you didn’t reply. I also noticed someone posted on your wall asking about your products - they sounded ready to buy. No one answered their question.  Are you still in business?

This is a true story that happened to me last week.  I sent out five private messages to five local businesses, and only one replied. One.

If you have a Facebook Page set up for your business - you need to keep it current. A status update once or twice a month shows that you’re still in business. When I visit your page and see it hasn’t been updated in a year, I assume you’ve closed your door and left town.

You also need to monitor it daily. Has someone ask a question on your page or sent you a private message? Facebook now lets people send messages to businesses through the Facebook Messenger app.  Do you know how to check for messages? Have you optimized your message centre?

You answer your phone right? Unlock your shop's door in the morning? You need to let people know you’re open for business on Facebook too.

And if you’re a Halton Hills based flooring company... you might want to check your wall. Someone asked about buying maple flooring.

If you’re struggling with your social media, Soac Media can help. We offer one-on-one coaching, workshops,  or we can manage your accounts. Let’s talk!