Who is Jayden K. Smith?

Have you received a Facebook message from a well-intentioned friend, warning you about Jayden K. Smith?

It's a hoax - you can read the details here:

It's impossible for someone to hack your account, by simply friending them.

To avoid someone hacking into your Facebook account:

- DON'T click on links in emails
- Use a strong password
- Avoid unsecured public wifi connections
- Use Facebook's two-factor authentication and other security features.

Still have questions? I'm happy to help!



Is Your Facebook Page Ready for Summer?

Summer holidays are about to start! If you change your business hours, or close for a week or two, be sure to update your Facebook Business Page "About" tab.

With this video, I'll walk you through how to make the change.

Any questions? Send me a message and I'll be happy to help!



Be a Proactive Facebook User!

Getting locked out of Facebook is frustrating and it can take days to regain access to your account.

Take a minute and check that Facebook has your current email address at

I also recommend setting up Facebook's "Trusted Contact" feature, in the event that you should get locked out. Your trusted contacts are friends you chose who Facebook will contact to verity that you...are you!…

It's always a good idea to review your security settings once or twice a year. Things can change at your end, and Facebook often adds new features. It just takes a minute, but can save you days of frustration!



Pokémon Go is coming to Canada - is your business ready?

It's only a matter of days before it officially launches here in Canada, though some people have found a work-around and are playing already.

Launched in the US last Tuesday, many quick thinking business owners are capitalizing on the game. If your business is a Gym or PokéStop, with some creative planning now, you can profit from the fun when it hits Canada.

Need some ideas, or want to know if your business is a PokéStop or Gym? Give me a call and I'd be happy to work with you.

Click here to learn how US businesses are capitalizing on this fun, family-friendly game. 

Click here for Pokémon Go explained 



Did you really want me to know that?

Facebook made another change today to your personal profile page. They've tweaked a setting that changes how your employment and education history is displayed to your friends. 

The update causes your extended education and employment history to appear by default in the “Intro” field on your profile. That “Intro” section is the very first thing someone sees when they go to your profile.

Facebook isn't showing anything that you haven't already added to your “Work and Education” field but you might not want it all on display so obviously. 

It's simple enough to adjust your preferences.  On a computer, click the pencil icon next to one of the lines on your Intro and then deselect anything you don’t want there.

On mobile device, go to your profile and tap the line that says “Edit Info,” then deselect anything you don’t want to show in your Intro.

I'm happy to answer any social media questions! 



I can “hear” you on Twitter

I am a “social listener” on Twitter. I use Tweetdeck to stay current on a variety of topics. Acton Ontario is one.

A few weeks back I saw a conversation happening between a small group of people as they discussed how awful it must be to live in Acton. When I looked at their profiles, they were regular people living in and around Peel Region. I joined the conversation and Tweeted to the group: #ActonOn has a lot going for it! Coffee - my treat - for anyone that wants a tour. ;)

Shortly after I made the Tweet I received a message from one of the people saying “That was a private conversation and you are very rude to just barge in”

Private conversation? On Twitter?? I don’t think so. Unless you’re sending direct messages, all your Tweets are on public display, whether people are following you or not.

So a gentle reminder my friends...don’t Tweet anything that might embarrass you. You never know who might be “listening”.



I'm confused. Is your business still open?

Hey you...Halton Hills Business Owner. You with the Facebook business page that hasn’t been updated in over a year. I sent you a private message and you didn’t reply. I also noticed someone posted on your wall asking about your products - they sounded ready to buy. No one answered their question.  Are you still in business?

This is a true story that happened to me last week.  I sent out five private messages to five local businesses, and only one replied. One.

If you have a Facebook Page set up for your business - you need to keep it current. A status update once or twice a month shows that you’re still in business. When I visit your page and see it hasn’t been updated in a year, I assume you’ve closed your door and left town.

You also need to monitor it daily. Has someone ask a question on your page or sent you a private message? Facebook now lets people send messages to businesses through the Facebook Messenger app.  Do you know how to check for messages? Have you optimized your message centre?

You answer your phone right? Unlock your shop's door in the morning? You need to let people know you’re open for business on Facebook too.

And if you’re a Halton Hills based flooring company... you might want to check your wall. Someone asked about buying maple flooring.

If you’re struggling with your social media, Soac Media can help. We offer one-on-one coaching, workshops,  or we can manage your accounts. Let’s talk!



Is Your Business Page Ready for Facebook's Service Directory?

It's more important than ever to have a Facebook Page for your business.

Facebook recently launched Professional Services, a directory that helps Facebook users find THE BEST local businesses and services to fit their needs.

Think, or even Google search...but on Facebook.

Some quick tips to ensure your business shows up:

1) Ensure that your business page is listed under the proper category
2) Complete all fields in your "About" tab
3) Keep your page current with frequent updates
4) Encourage your customers and clients to write a review.

Facebook uses algorithms to determine what shows up in newsfeeds and having Page "Likes" is no guarantee that your business page will be found in searches.

Key factors will likely be based on your location, relative to the person searching. Matching keywords, overall star ratings, date of reviews, timely replies to comments on your page, will all have an impact on your business being listed.

Now is the time to make sure Social Media is part of your marketing plan!



Who'll Look After Your Facebook Page When You're Dead?

Like a pre-arranged funeral, Facebook lets you decide ahead of time, what will happen to your Facebook account once you've passed away.  You can choose to have your account deleted or have it "memorialize", meaning it will stay live, but will have a "Remembering" label above your name. 

Select a trusted family member or friend who has a Facebook account, and when you've passed away, they notify Facebook. They will be required to supply proper documentation, typically with a link to an online obituary or news article. Facebook will then memorialize the account or delete it, as per your request. 

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

If you opt to have your profile memorialized,  your legacy contact will be able to:

  • Write a post to display at the top of the memorialized Timeline (for example, to announce a memorial service or share a special message)
  • Respond to new friend requests from family members and friends who were not yet connected on Facebook.
  • Update the profile picture and cover photo

How to set a legacy contact:

From the drop-down tab on your profile, select "Settings", then select "Security" from the options on the left, then select "Legacy Contact".

From the drop-down tab on your profile, select "Settings", then select "Security" from the options on the left, then select "Legacy Contact".

Open your settings. Choose Security and then Legacy Contact at the bottom of the page. After choosing your legacy contact, you’ll have the option to send them a message. 

You may give your legacy contact permission to download an archive of the posts, photos and profile info you’ve shared on Facebook.



Setting Your Social Media Goals for 2016

Did your 2015 social media marketing efforts achieve the goals you set at the beginning of the year?

You did set goals...right? ;)

If you didn't - you're not alone. A large number of business owners post on Facebook and Twitter without really knowing what they want to achieve. Now is a perfect time to take an hour or so and plan for 2016. Here are a couple pointers to get you started.

1 - List your business goals. More sales? Grow your membership? Create awareness? 

Plan now for 2016

2 - Identify your target market. Be as specific as possible.  Male and/or female? Age? Income level? Hobbies? Based in Halton Hills? Or worldwide? Business owner or consumer?

3 - Pick the right social media platform. I recommend sticking with just one. Anymore than that can be overwhelming and time consuming. Facebook is good for Business to Consumer, and LinkedIn is best for Business to Business.

4 - Decide on content. Go back and look at the goals you set in step one. Don't be too self-promoting or you'll find your fans blocking or unfollowing you. I recommend that one of every three posts on Facebook be self promoting.  The other two posts can be industry related stories. Example: If you're a car dealership, one post about a car for sale and the other posts could be about emergency car kits or what to look for when shopping for tires. 

5 - Posting frequency. Five to seven posts a week work well for most businesses. Don't make back-to-back posts. Facebook views this as spamming and will limit your reach. You can use the edit feature and have posts go "live" at a later time/date.

6 - Plan to use the built in analytics.  All social media platforms offer free analytics. At least once a month, review these to see how your posts are being received; are you reaching your target market? Use the information to tweak your posts and ensure that you are reaching your goals.

Still feel overwhelmed? Consider hiring a social media professional. It's money well spent and frees you up to run your business.